Respect your cars guidelines

Follow manufacturers guidelines for repairs and maintenance with only genuine or recommended aftermarket parts. If your vehicle is within warranty period we can process any claims relating to defects.

Master techs & qualified mechanics

Our staff all are qualified, we pride ourselves on our experience. Majority of our experience comes from working at large automotive dealerships, we follow a methodical procedure to ensure your jobs looked after.

Easy to work with, your best interests

We are grateful for customers, referring us from when we first started at our first location. Now that we have grown, we treat every new customer equally so they become are long time customer through first workmanship, service and finally savings on dealership.

Genuine people, make the best mechanics

We go into detail of what’s been done and if their are any issues on the way of your existing repairs we are upfront and call your straight away to let you know what’s been damaged and the options you can take as the owner.


You are our customer NOT the car manufacturer or dealership

Why should the mechanic be on my side not the automotive badge?

If their are any issues with your vehicles stemming from the manufacturer an qualified mechanic will be able to diagnose and report to you transparently any issues. We have experience working on a range of European and prestige cars where your best interests are at heart.

We pride ourselves on being transparent with our customers

When its comes to maintenance and repairs we are upfront with the issues. What are your options to weigh up by treating our customers with honesty, they can make an informed decision to replace the brakes early or let it run for another cycle. Whereas dealerships are out to get you for every element even if you can still get usage out of the part or component.

What makes us one of the best mechanics in Sydney?

We provide a clear detailed report to follow up with your manufacturers recommended dealership with all the evidence required, if your service history is being looked after with your vehicles specifications then under Australian law the manufacturer needs to remedy the issue.

Only work on Prestige and European vehicles

By focusing on certain types of vehicles we are able to be masters, knowing the intricacies of issues that relate to different car manufacturers and models. An more experienced mechanic will be able to fix the issue quicker, determine any other components relating are damaged.

Our master tech mechanics can diagnose complex issues

We have had cases of where dealerships try to charge the customer for damages due to their vehicles failing within warranty and passing on the costs to clients. Sometimes ranging into the hundreds of thousand dollars for blow engines under warranty or component lifetime.

Are we the best mechanic in Sydney?

If it’s a Land Rover or any European prestige car, we can look after you vehicle and save your money from being charged a premium at the dealerships. We know how to look after your vehicle the right way and our wealth of experience of issues we find across our customers vehicles.

What makes a good mechanic?

A trustworthy mechanic can be like a lawyer who has your best intentions at heart, at Eurohaus we know an car investment isn’t cheap and if your car manufacturer is failing to live up to its lifetime expectations you can make claims as long as genuine parts are used or it can be voided.

Identify / Diagnose

Experienced mechanic will be able to save you money on finding the issue quickly, any related issues, quirks of the model. Ordering the part once and getting the job done right once is one of our core principles which is why we have the confidence in our workmanship.

Genuine or recommended parts

We source only genuine parts or recommended aftermarket parts on customers requests. Every owner has different needs to worry about. For example new cars should follow a strict guideline for any warranty issues will be processed without being denied. They do not have your best interest at heart.

Maintenance Schedules

Be on top of your vehicles maintenance. Good maintenance saves you from any big damages occuring and allows protection from Australian law for any manufacturer defects aslong as you have been maintaining it to specifications. Cost of oil is minimal compared to replacing a engine.

High Tech Systems

In order for us to be the best we can on prestige and european cars. We need to keep up to date with latest issues and software updates with expensive systems. Modern cars are using more and more tech and many models with various quirks that require an experienced mechanic.