Common Electrical Issues

Lights failing to work, aircon, seating system, sound system, windows and vehicle sensors failing.

Harder Electrical Issues

Are you having dashboard lights coming on your vehicle? We can look at complex eletrical issues and find the source.

Replacement Parts

If their are any issues with existing parts we can order OEM and aftermarket to make sure your vehicle isn't stuck at a workshop.

System Upgrades

We work with a large network of providers and can arrange all sorts of accessories and upgrade for your beloved vehicle.

What we get asked about Land Rover electrical issues

Today’s cars are filled with technology, with so many components in a vehicle it increases the amount of failure points.

What are common electrical problems on Land Rovers?

What if my electrical issue is under warranty?

We follow best practices & professional wiring application

My power windows are not working in my Land Rover

My air-con in my Land Rover is not working

Installing of Land Rover rear view cameras & parking sensors

Heated seats, powered seats not heating or repositioning

Land Rover cars we work on

We all on various Land Rover models from latest and recent models.