Land Rover Specialists with Master Technicians

Land Rover Minor Service

Our team has extensive experience working at Land Rover & are qualified Master technicians. We have Land Rovers in the family and pride ourselves on knowing the ins and outs of the popular automotive brand.

Land Rover Major Service

We look after various models for Land Rovers from Range Rover, Defender, Discovery, Velar, Freelander, Vogue, XJ to XJR and Evoke.

Land Rover Maintenance

We maintain expensive Land Rover computer systems to help diagnose and fix issues relating to specific models. Our expensive costs we cover so we can perform updates, address service call issues relating to your Land Rover.

Land Rover OEM Parts

Many owners prefer to go to the dealership for "peace of mind". Did you know a qualified workshop can perform your maintenance requirements and save you on costs. A good mechanic will be able to ensure your manufacturer addresses any issues from defects.

What our customers ask us most about Land Rovers

We service diesel and petrol models of various Land Rovers

What do we do in servicing?

We don’t just service¬† your car to manufacturers specification, we also have a look at all important components brakes, bushings, engine mounts to make sure you vehicle is safe.

How often should I service my Land Rover?

We recommend serving your vehicle every 6 months or to manufacturers KM specifications. Generally manufacturers leave their servicing schedules long to minimise maintenance costs. In reality regular oil changes is what keeps your engine longevity.

Can you do Major Service like the dealerships.

Yes of course. Our service whether minor or major is guaranteed with genuine parts. We can also stamp log books where necessary. Maintaining your vehicle and keeping records will keep your value of your car at resale.

Qualified staff who take pride in their workmanship

Our staff are experienced, we make sure the job is done right once.

Can you provide a replacement vehicle while my cars in service

Yes that can be arranged. Please give us due notice before hand so we can get a car ready for you.

Do you service tyres for my vehicles

Yes naturally we have to take care of our customers and we know which best tyres are recommended for your exact vehicle. We also have customers requesting different types of tyres due to personal preference.

Will Land Rover dealership accept my service records?

Yes by law they must any qualified expert. Previously the dealerships had a monopoly over the market overcharging users. If their are any issues with your vehicle within warranty, your local dealership must take of the issue.

Land Rover cars we work on

We all on various Land Rover models from latest and recent models.