Accident Repairs

Just had a recent accident? We can help assess the damage and what's required to get the vehicle back to condition. We only use quality parts for our customers as we take a long term loyalty approach to business.

Advanced Diagnosis

Land Rover models provide its own unique challenges compared to other car makes. By being an expert in one type of vehicle allows us to have the confidence of doing the job right once.

Insurance Work

We have completed extensive insurance work repairs for our customers across a range of Land Rovers. Our service department can help process claims.

Vehicle Inspection

We have many customers wanting a second opinion to dealers and other mechanics. Don't leave it to the other party as you don't know if they will be using a reputable workshop.

What it takes to be a Land Rover Specialist?

Land Rovers need to be maintained so your vehicle will last and even then their might still be the odd issue.

Why a Land Rover specialist can save you time and money.

We’ve had cars that are unsolveable from independant mechanics or cars that keep coming back with check engine lights from dealerships.

Our approach is to diagnose properly so we can isolate and fix the issue permanently.  In some cases we even help our customers get the right works completed by car manufacturers & insurance due to car defects and the wrong diagnosis or them pushing relating issues under the carpet.

How we fight for your warranty rights

If your car has a defect and does that durable lifetime warranty. We will help provide all details necessary so you can get your repairs done for free. Many mechanics just charge you for expensive components and then the labour when you could of been protected. It’s important to find a workshop that actually treats you like a loyal client.

What makes Eurohaus different other European workshops

Our staff were previously qualified master technicians from Land Rover with extensive years of experience originally at dealerships. Now we look after our customers directly allowing us to be fair and competitive while still maintaining high standards.

Land Rover Emergency Repairs

We can look after emergency Land Rover repairs by towing your vehicle to the workshop for inspection and also supplying a courtesy car so you can continue with your day to day operations while we repair your vehicle.

We are familiar with common issues saving time

Ever had a car stuck at a workshop for longer then expected? With so many issues, makes, models of cars with their own set of issues. Having someone that works on Land Rover vehicles regularly will save hours or even days replacing or fixing your car & quite possibly ordering of working components when fault is another part.

Can you do minor and major service for Land Rovers?

Yes we can do complete minor and major services following exactly the manufacturers specifications. Ensuring your vehicle is running at it’s rated optimal conditions. We can also stamp your log books ensuring your vehicles value on resale will be more valuable with records showing regular maintenance from a reputable provider.

Land Rover related network of suppliers

By knowing the Land Rover industry in Sydney we can forward on and recommend any specialised issues to the right departments. This can save you from going from workshop to workshop, fixes which aren’t fixes and most importantly getting the job done right where you don’t waste your time.

Land Rover cars we work on

We all on various Land Rover models from latest and recent models.